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‘SNL': Leslie Jones Wants to Play Donald Trump Too (Video)

Alec Baldwin can’t be Donald Trump on ”SNL“ forever, right? Jones stakes her claim as his successor in digital short

Leslie Jones, inspired by Melissa McCarthy’s role as Sean Spicer on “SNL,” decided that she wanted to take on the role of Donald Trump.

Jones insisted on dressing up in the Trump costume and makeup, finding herself obsessed with the role.

“Do you really think he is going to do this the next four years?” Jones asked in the behind-the-scenes documentary style sketch. “Doesn’t he have other stuff to do? I’m not sure. but who is going to replace him?

“I never thought I could play the president,” she continued. “Melissa played Spicer. I thought, why can’t I play Trump? I knew I had to make this happen. I studied everything about him. It even started to affect my relationship.”

“SNL” then cut to a personal moment between Jones and Kyle Mooney, referencing a sketch earlier this season where the two were in a relationship.

Other cast members questioned Jones on her decision to play Trump, asking if her decision was a comment on race in politics.

“Nope, it is about giving America what it wants,” she answered.

Jones then took her idea to “SNL” creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels. “And then, the moment of truth,” she narrated.

“It is not going to happen, Leslie,” he told her.

“All right, I understand,” Jones responded. She then addressed the camera crew. “Fellas, can I have a minute, please?”

With the crew out of the room, Jones tore into Michaels. “don’t say no to me, Lorne!” she shouted, saying that America thinks she’s only a person who shouts a lot thanks to her roles on “SNL.”

The sketch closed with Jones, still dressed as Trump, walking out onto the New York streets — only to have Melania Trump pull up in front of her in a limo. When Melania mistook Jones for Trump, Jones responded in her confused, faux-Trump accent to accept the ride: “Melania? I mean, yes, it’s me, darling.”

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