‘SNL’: A Man Finally Feels What Pregnancy is Like Thanks to Doctor Chadwick Boseman (Video)

Host Chadwick Boseman plays a doctor who successfully creates the first male pregnancy, but there’s significant risk of “tuliping” during the birth

The man who agreed to become pregnant thanks to a medical breakthrough on “SNL” was blindsided when he realized he was going to have to give birth more or less exactly the same way that women do.

The sketch found Mikey Day as the pregnant man, thanks to a medical procedure created by doctors Connelly and Price, played by host Chadwick Boseman and Aidy Bryant. At first, Day and Kate McKinnon, who played his wife, were excited for their new baby daughter.

But then Boseman revealed that there would be a change of plans: Instead of a cesarean section for the birth, Day would have to deliver his baby through his urethra.

“Yes, picture a bowling ball going through a Twizzler,” Bryant’s Dr. Price explained.

The panicked Day continued to get more and more upset as Boseman revealed additional details about the procedure. It turned out the pregnancy would take 24 hours, and that if it was rushed at all, the possibility of “tuliping” would increase.

Bryant explained exactly what “tuliping” was with a Looney Tunes metaphor: Picture when Bugs Bunny puts his finger in Elmer Fudd’s gun, which then explodes. The edges of the barrel peel back like tulip petals, she said — much to the abject horror of Day. When a journalist asked if McKinnon would be present in the delivery room, she replied, “Not anymore, no.”

Things get even worse when Boseman told reporters Day also wouldn’t be able to use any of the pain medication often employed for women to help them during the procedure, because Day’s 24-hour-labor would require him to be fully conscious the entire time.

And then Boseman dropped another bombshell on Day and McKinnon as the sketch drew to its close — Day wasn’t having just one daughter, but three.

When a journalist asked Day how long he thought it would take for him to recover from the pregnancy, he replied, “Umm, forever?”