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‘SNL': McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren Grills ‘Weekend Update’ Like Senate Hearing (Video)

Kate McKinnon as Warren riffs on Jeff Sessions Senate confirmation on ”SNL“, telling Colin Jost, ”Nevertheless, I persisted — in making Twitter my bae“

This week’s “SNL” saw Kate McKinnon appear as Elizabeth Warren on “Weekend Update.” She fielded questions about Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shutting Warren down during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

“He tried to shut me up,” she told Colin Jost, referencing McConnell’s statement that has become a meme in the days following the hearing. “But nevertheless, I persisted — in making Twitter my bae.”

McKinnon then turned the discerning senatorial eye of Warren on Jost and co-host Michael Che.

“I will never stop rooting out corruption,” Warren said. “Which brings me to the first question, Anchor Jost. We will begin with a yes-no question. Now, it says here you and Michael Che are credited as full cast members on the show? is that correct?

“Yet you only perform in a 10-minute segment, entitled, sorry, I have it here, called ‘Weekend Update.’ Is that yes?”

“That’s correct, yes,” Jost responded.

“And yet you collect the same paycheck of a cast member who appears throughout the entire show,” McKinnon’s Warren said, referencing the fact that she’d played roles in not one, not two, but three sketches throughout the episode. “That’s interesting.” McKinnon had earlier played Attorney General Jeff Session and Kellyanne Conway,

“Is it not also true that you are currently a board member for Goldman Sachs?” Warren continued.

“That is not true, no,” said Jost. “Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

“I think it’s the hair,” Warren said.

Warren went on to bring up other potential “Weekend Update” ethical violations.

“Anchor Jost, is it not true that as a television personality you received freebies and swag bags from such companies as Popchips, Chapstick, and Jamba Juice?” she asked

“Okay, occasionally, yeah, we get free stuff,” Jost admitted. “We don’t let it affect what we do. Right, Che?”

“Nope,” Che said, drinking a smoothie.

“Let the record show that Che is guzzling a razzmatazz smoothie,” Warren said.

Jost then turned the tables on Warren

“Have you always been this way?” he asked.

“Yes, in middle school, I was the girl who would do this: ‘Excuse me, excuse me, he is writing on the desk,” Warren responded.

The segment ended abruptly when Warren attempted to bring up “SNL” bringing Trump on the show before the election.

“Am I being silenced?” Warren demanded. “Mr. Chairman, I will be asking for the quorum.”