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‘SNL’ Star Michael Che Trashed for ‘Misogynist and Ageist’ Jokes…and His Critics Are Trashed Too (Video)

Comedian’s Weekend Update bits draws backlash two weeks in a row

“SNL” comedian and writer Michael Che is once again on the hot seat because of a Weekend Update sketch, this time as a result of jokes about a 67-year-old woman who gave birth that many fans call sexist and ageist.

“The birth set a record for most friction,” he joked, drawing groans from the audience. He said he had better punchlines but “the fellas at NBC standards said they were all too dirty.”

He went on: “Like, at first I was gonna say, ‘Well I hope that kid likes his milk chalky!’ But they said, ‘You can’t say that on TV.’ It was my second favorite punchline! My first favorite being, ‘She can breastfeed just by standing over the crib.’ That’s a good one, right? Nope, NBC said, ‘Too gross,’ which is ridiculous. Too gross would be like if I said, ‘Doctors described the birth as pulling a penny out of a wad of gum.”

“Now that is too gross,” he added. “Even I wouldn’t tell that joke on TV.”

You can watch the bit in the video at the top.

Many on social media were appalled, calling his jokes “misogynist” and “ageist.”

Still, there were others that took the comedian’s side, saying comedy is “fair game.”

It was just last week that Che was under fire after referring to Caitlyn Jenner as “a fella.”

“Now, you might think that I’m crazy, but about five years ago, there was a fella named Bruce Jenner, and he moved to Calabasas…” Che said as the audience groaned. After it aired, fans and members of the LBGTQ community called foul, calling the comedian transphobic.

NBC did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.