Watch ‘SNL’ Mock The ‘Second And Worst Ever’ Presidential Debate (Video)

Yes, Ken Bone did make an appearance on the latest “SNL” skewering of the 2016 presidential election

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon‘s satire of the presidential election continued on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” with a parody of Sunday’s town hall debate, featuring Trump antics, Clinton zingers, and of course, Ken Bone.

The “SNL” cold open, which you can watch in the clip above, began with Martha Raddatz (Cecily Strong) and Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) welcoming us to the second “and worst” debate before getting ready by downing a shot of liquor.

“Let’s get this nightmare started,” groaned Raddatz. “Please help us welcome the candidates. Republican nominee Donald Trump and — can we say this yet? — President Hillary Clinton”

Baldwin and McKinnon then entered to “O Fortuna,” where they did a riff on the candidates’ refusal to shake hands before the debate started.

The two took questions from the audience, including one voter who warned “I’ve got a boring one” before asking how Clinton planned to make Obamacare more affordable. Clinton tried to answer it seriously, but was interrupted by Trump doing his best Jaws impression.

Then, when an African-American man asked Trump about how he could be a devoted president to all citizens, Trump turned it into a chance to talk about inner city violence.

“The inner cities are a mess, okay? Just last month I was in Detroit and everywhere I looked, there were violent crazy people and a lot of them had guns, and they were screaming horrible things like ‘Trump for President.’”

“I think you were at one of your own rallies,” the voter replied.

“Martha, this black man is attacking me,” retaliated Trump. “Also, speaking of black men, do you know who else should be put in jail? Hillary Clinton. She’s committed so many crimes, she’s basically a black.”

We also got a gag involving Trump’s….odd wandering around the stage while Hillary answered a question, as you’ll see below:

Then Ken Bone showed up for his mandatory song-and-dance routine, though when Raddatz asked “You’re not gonna turn out to be a little creep or something, are you?” he responded, “Maaaaaybe?”

For the final question, Clinton was asked if there was anything she liked about Trump. “I do like how generous he is,” she replied. “Just last Friday he handed me this election.”

“SNL” was hosted this week by Emily Blunt with musical guest Bruno Mars. Tom Hanks will host next week’s show with Lady Gaga performing.