‘SNL’ Parody Commercial Calls Out the Worst Things About High School Graduation (Video)

“It’s going to be hot as hell!”

Spring is here, and that means the string of high school graduations is about to start. “SNL” got into the spirit with a parody ad for graduation that tried to make its super-boring aspects sound as exciting as possible.

With Beck Bennett as narrator, the ad talked about graduation as if it were as intense as a monster truck rally.

You can watch the video above.

“Summer is just around the corner, so kick things off right with the most highly-anticipated event in town — James Madison High School graduation! 100 grads! 400 family members! All in direct sunlight for three-plus hours!”

The ad went on to show off the speeches attendees could expect, with Kate McKinnon failing to actually speak into the microphone, and valedictorian Kyle Mooney using his speech to angrily admonish girls for not dating him.

Bennett moved on to the “main event” — hours of calling names and handing out diplomas. As Bennett explained, highlights included the school’s principal, played by Kenan Thompson, “confidently mispronouncing that Indian kid’s name,” and visibly pregnant senior Courtney King, played by Heidi Gardner, accepting her diploma. “Watch that news hit the parents section like an atomic bomb!”

Also mentioned were mainstays of any big family event, like dads taking pictures with their iPads, and lots of group pictures with so many phones that no one knows which one to look at.

“Secrets will be revealed,” Bennett’s narrator went on, as a student with a goth hairstyle, played by Pete Davidson, posed for a picture with his parents. “Like when you realize goth kid Devon Almont’s parents are, like, normal?!”

“And look, it’s a senior having drama with his sophomore girlfriend!” Bennett continued, as the graduating student, played by Mikey Day, tried to convince his girlfriend they wouldn’t break up. “Ha ha, yeah they will!” Bennett declared.

“It’s a day to remember, but the only thing people will actually remember is when the principle fell off the stage!” Bennett said as Thompson, giving his own speech, fell into the crowd of graduates.