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‘SNL': Pete Davidson’s Parody of Michael Avenatti Gets a ‘Total Loser’ Review From the Attorney

Avenatti’s tongue-in-cheek critique mimics Donald Trump’s style

“SNL’s” cold open this week got at least one person’s attention — Michael Avenatti, who joked that there was “nothing funny” about Pete Davidson’s impression of him.

“Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC!,” he tweeted late Saturday night. “Question is, how does that total loser Pete Davidson save his dieing [sic] mediocre career by playing me and get away with these total Democratic hit jobs without retribution? This is the real quid pro quo. Investigate!!!”

The “SNL” sketch (which you can check out here) that triggered Avenatti’s jocular comeback lampooned Donald Trump’s congressional impeachment hearing that “lacked pizzazz” by turning it into a soap opera called “Days of Our Impeachment.” Davidson’s Avenatti showed up to remind everyone of Trump’s sordid past, all while poking fun at the idea that people have all but forgotten Stormy Daniels’ former legal eagle.

Davidson’s Avenatti arrived at the inquiry thinking he was dropping a bombshell that the president had an affair. But Cecile Strong as Marie Yovanovitch said, “We know. No one seems to care.”

Avenatti then adds with gusto, “The affair was with a porn star!” Again, old news.

“Fine I’ll go, but you haven’t seen the last of me. Who am I playing again?” Davidson’s Avenatti asked, then finally answering his own question, saying, “Michael Avocado!” The bit was presumably referencing a recent episode of “Jeopardy!” in which Avenatti was the question but none of the super-smart contestants remembered his name.

Sunday morning, Avenatti continued to play along.

He tweeted, “When Trump supporters see or hear the words ‘tongue in cheek’ on Fox News, they think it refers to Trump making out with another porn star.”