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‘SNL': Putin Congratulates America on Trump’s Inauguration – ‘We Did It’ (Video)

Watch Beck Bennett’s Putin open ‘SNL’ by reminding America what they’ll get from renewed ties with Russia: ”oil, tracksuits and scary pornography“

Straight from the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin shared in the excitement of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States on “SNL.”

Beck Bennett reprised his role as the shirtless Putin, skewering Trump on his reported ties to Russia. But Putin was there to let America know that if they’re worried about Trump, it’ll be okay.

“Hooray! We did it, huh?,” Putin said “And today, many of you are scared and marching in the streets. You are worried that your country is in the hands of this unpredictable man, but don’t worry. It’s not. Relax. I got this. Putie is going to make everything okay. I promise that we will take care. It is the most expensive thing we have ever bought.” You can check out the full sketch above.

To reassure everyone, Putin brought a “real” Russian woman (Kate McKinnon) to tell America how great Russia really is.

“Hello. I am Olya, a Russian woman,” she said, reading from a card. “I am so happy. Each day I wake up with big smile on my face like this. I sleep in bed, not in carcass of dog. My president is number one hottie for all time.”

But Putin also had some tips for Trump. He started comparing the turnout at the inauguration to the much larger Washington D.C. Women’s March. After Trump claimed more than a million people attended the inauguration, Putin advised reeling it in.

“Say that you’re friends with Lebron James, not that you ARE Lebron James,” he said.

He also reminded America about the benefits of renewing a friendlier relationship with Russia.

“Russia is an exporter of so many things that Americans need, like oil, tracksuits and scary pornography.”

But stealing the whole cold open was McKinnon, who sneaked back in toward the end with a supportive shout-out to the millions of Women’s Marchers across the country and the world: She was sporting a pink knit “Pussyhat.”