‘SNL’: Rachel Dratch Brings Back Debbie Downer to Bum Us Out About Coronavirus (Video)

Look, we need a laugh right about now

Rachel Dratch Debbie Downer SNL Coronavirus

Coronavirus might be freaking everyone out, but the latest episode of “SNL” at least had the perfect way to cope with it — the unexpected return of the great Rachel Dratch as “Debbie Downer” to talk about it.

In the sketch, Debbie shows up at a wedding, decked out to prevent herself from contracting coronavirus and coming down with COVID-19. From there, she speaks all sorts of uncomfortable truths that totally ruin the party for everyone else, such as feline AIDS and the possible extinction of honeybees. Every time she drops some science, the soundtrack drops a ‘womp-womp’ so we know just how much of a bummer it is.

Of course, the worst bit comes at the end when she asks everyone at her table what they think about Donald Trump. Most of the people she asks clearly didn’t care for him — except a very, very, very suburban white lady played by “SNL” MVP Aidy Bryant, who gets excited.

For those of you reading this who haven’t been watching the show obsessively since George W. Bush’s first term, Debbie Downer is exactly what it sounds like. The character, created and portrayed by Dratch, shows up to, basically, tell everyone who can hear her voice the worst-case scenario for whatever the current scary thing is in the news. Dratch first debuted the character in 2004 and prior to tonight’s episode last played her in 2015. Honestly, though, we kind of needed it. Can she come back in November?

Watch the whole clip below.