‘SNL’: The Rock Picks Tom Hanks as Running Mate in 2020 Presidential Bid (Video)

Newly inaugurated Five Timers Club member Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson used his “SNL” monologue to ask Tom Hanks to help him take down Donald Trump

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson used his “SNL” monologue to jokingly declare he’s running for president in 2020. His running mate: fellow Five Timers Club member Tom Hanks.

Alec Baldwin quickly changed out of his Donald Trump outfit from the cold open to present Johnson with his Five Timers Club robe. With his induction into the prestigious group, Johnson took the chance to address recent discussions of a possible presidential run in 2020. After Johnson mentioned the possibility in an interview last week, polls immediately found Johnson ahead of Trump.

Johnson used his monologue so say he was “in” on the run, with a fellow Five Timer as a running mate. Though Baldwin expected to be asked, instead special guest and Five Timer Tom Hanks appeared to accept the vice president spot on Johnson’s theoretical presidential ticket.

“Dwayne, together we would get 100 percent of the vote,” Hanks said. “I would get the seniors’ vote because I fought in World War II — in, like, ten different movies.”

“You did,” Johnson added. “And I, of course, would get the minority vote because everyone just assumes that I’m — well, whatever they are.”

“Plus, between us, we could handle any crisis,” Hanks continued. “If, God forbid, we go to war, I can assure the nation — we will sacrifice and we will suffer, but in the end we will win because we are the Americans, and that is what we do.”

Johnson continued the thread of potential crises.

“If, God forbid, California splits off and falls into the ocean, well, that’s my area,” he said, creating an impromptu action movie. “Damn it! If I don’t get down to the fault line and detonate the warhead the entire state is going to sink. Now fuel up the submarine and tell the Secret Service to pack my trunks, because the president’s going for a swim.”

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