‘SNL’: Ryan Gosling Gets a Little Creepy on HGTV ‘Flip-or-Flop’ Parody (Video)

“SNL” dunks on behind-the-scenes drama on HGTV’s shows with “The Fliplets,” with Ryan Gosling, Alex Moffat and Mikey Day playing house-flipping brothers

“SNL” created a house-flipping HGTV show of its own during the Season 43 premiere, complete with the behind-the-scenes drama of the network’s real shows.

“The Fliplets” features three brothers who compete to flip and sell houses, played by Alex Moffat, Mikey Day, and host Ryan Gosling. While Moffat and Day are the more “normal” brothers Pete and Zeke, Gosling plays Tristan, the only brother who went to live with their father after their parents’ divorce.

“All right. They don’t want to hear about that,” Zeke said, trying to get Tristan back on topic.

“Well, when are we going to talk about it?” Gosling’s Tristan continued. “I mean we’ve never talked about what happened.”

As the other two brothers continued trying to promote the show, Tristan continued to get darker and darker.

“This guy does all the manual labor, which according to my calculations makes me the smart one,” Pete said, needling Zeke.

“Oh, please, Poindexter here couldn’t drive a nail if it had a steering wheel!” Zeke returned.

“I don’t think you ever really fully grieved the death of our family,” Tristan put in.

“Not really the platform, bud,” Pete said, interrupting.

“So rather than face their demons they go city to city trying to build the home they never had,” Tristan continued.

Things only continued to deteriorate, as each of the brothers told stories about why they were qualified for the show. While Zeke talked about building a tree house as a kid and Pete talked about trying to sell, it, Tristan’s story descended into even more creepiness.

“When I was 12, I saw a man get hit by a bus,” Gosling’s Tristan explained. “And I had plenty of time to intervene but I was frozen, not by fear, but by a dreadful excitement. I just watched him, like it was all a little show that God was putting on just for me. A marionette, dangling before the lapping flames of his master’s furnace. And in that moment I died a little unto myself, but I was reborn as the lizard I was destined to become.”

Pete stepped in at that point. “He’s literally never mentioned that before!”

“Some might say that was the day the light inside me dimmed,” Tristan said. “But I would say that’s the moment the darkness inside me began to shine.”

The sketch ended by quickly cutting away from the brothers.

“‘The Fliplets’: This was the usable footage!” the announcer declared.