‘SNL’: Ryan Gosling Just Can’t Handle the ‘Avatar’ Logo Font (Video)

In a trailer for the fake movie “Papyrus,” Ryan Gosling plays a man obsessed with the font used for the “Avatar” logo

Ryan Gosling ended his hosting session during the “SNL” Season 43 premiere with a fake movie trailer that focused on something that secretly bothers a huge number of people: the “Avatar” movie logo.

Unable to shake the obsession that’s bothered him for years, Gosling woke up thinking about the logo from the 2009 movie. He continually insisted to everyone he encountered that the movie used the font Papyrus for its logo — a sign of lazy graphic design. You can watch the full sketch above.

The sketch started with Gosling declaring the Papyrus issue to his wife, and then bringing it up to his therapist.

“‘Avatar,’ like, that movie from nine years ago?” the therapist asked.

“Yeah, he just highlighted ‘Avatar,’ he clicked the drop down menu, and then he randomly selected Papyrus,” Gosling explained. “Like a thoughtless child wandering by a garden yanking leaves along the way.”

“And so now you are worried about the sequels that are coming out?” she continued.

Gosling was stunned. “They are making more?”

“He just got away with it,” Gosling’s character narrated. “This man, this professional graphic designer. Was it laziness? Was it cruelty?”

As the sketch continued, Gosling showed the poster to a friend, who just didn’t see what he did.

Before long, Gosling found himself obsessing over the designer as well as the poster.

“Now here I am, doing what I vowed to never do again — sitting outside his house, hoping to catch a glimpse of him to see him doing his little things, live his insane little life. I think about it every time I see Papyrus,” Gosling narrated.

While staring at the designer’s window and thinking about the font, Gosling plowed his car into a fire hydrant outside the man’s house.

“My God,” a passing Aidy Bryant cried out. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“Do you remember the ‘Avatar’ logo?” Gosling asked as water from the hydrant drenched him.

“Yeah, it was tribal yet futuristic.”

“Papyrus,” Gosling insisted.

At just that moment, Gosling spotted the designer in his window, played by Kyle Mooney.

“I know what you did. I know what you did!” Gosling shouted.

The trailer ended by cutting to a black title card with the fake movie’s title on it: “papyrus.” Instead of using the Papyrus font, though,  it used another hated font — Comic Sans.