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‘SNL': Watch Every Single One of Bill Hader’s Stefon Sketches (Videos)

This post has EVERYTHING

Bummer there’s no new “Saturday Night Live” airing tonight? Yeah, so are we. But luckily NBC has given fans a way to fill that “SNL”-shaped hole in their weekend plans with five videos that have EVERYTHING. Well, they have every appearance of Bill Hader as his beloved character Stefon, which is basically EVERYTHING.

Over the last five days, the NBC late-night variety show has released five compilation videos that include every time the former “SNL” cast member’s iconic New York City correspondent showed up — either on “Weekend Update” or another sketch — to tell you about the city’s hottest and weirdest clubs, bars, restaurants and generally hip locations you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

The clips begin in the first video, which you can view above, with Stefon’s debut appearance on Nov. 1, 2008 in a sketch with Ben Affleck, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. In the videos below, you’ll see his many guest spots on “Weekend Update,” interacting with several different anchors — including Seth Meyers, Michael Che and Colin Jost — over the last decade.

The final bit is from March 17, 2018, the last time Stefon appeared on “SNL” to give us some hot tips for St. Patrick’s Day.

Watch the first vide above and the second video below:

And the third here:

Plus the fourth:

And the fifth and final: