Watch ‘SNL’ Gag About Endless Political Punditry Take Weird ‘Westworld’ Turn (Video)

We thought Trump’s America was the darkest timeline but “SNL” one-uppped the real world with this sketch

Is Trump’s America theme park of “Westworld”? This week’s “Saturday Night Live” asked that question, focusing on a panel of CNN political pundits and Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat returning to that impersonation) as they reacted to the past week’s headlines revolving around Donald Trump. You can see it above.

With an assortment of media personalities from both left and right, all “SNL” cast, of course, Moffat’s Anderson Cooper threw out topics, and received the same slew of replies each time with only slight variations. The order went something like this:

“Okay, you know what? this is not normal.”

“This is crazy!”

“This isn’t like when [horrible Trump thing that was discussed last round].”

“This is when we in the media have to draw the line!”

“M’kay, can we just remember that most Americans voted for Trump?”

“Actually, they didn’t, Kayleigh!”

At first, the skit seemed like a standard “SNL” jab at the roundabout ways that pundits often argue with little result or mutual understanding. But then the pundits began to malfunction and stop working. As they froze up and stared blankly forward at the audience, a repair crew walked out to survey the damage.

“Okay, which one’s malfunctioning?” asked one cast member in a hazmat-style suit — revealing that the true punch line That’s one way to pull one over on your audience: take shots at politics and go extra dark with the latest HBO hit series.