‘SNL': Watch Aidy Bryant Live Best Life as a Dead Grandma with Chicago Cubs Strippers (Video)

Benedict Cumberbatch and three members of the Chicago Cubs stripped for Aidy Bryant on this week’s “SNL”

Last Updated: November 6, 2016 @ 1:25 AM

Benedict Cumberbatch‘s turn on “SNL” included quite a few major highlights from the election and a great skit about toilet use. Still, his turn as a blonde stripper was among the show’s top skits, if only for how brilliantly awkward the heart throb seemed.

Starring Aidy Bryant as a dying grandmother on her birthday, the skit included other SNL favorites, including Kate McKinnon.

Bryant’s stifled laughter and half-smiles were noticeable in the face of Cumberbatch’s scripted antics, and while it might be taboo to break character, it’s easy to see why it happened.

But that was far from the scene’s biggest highlight: three members of the World Series-winning Chicago Cubs — Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler — made an appearance after a history-making win at this year’s World Series, to give the clearly-dead grandmother a dance.

“What’s up, girls? Who wants to hit a grammy slam?” Fowler asked as the Cubs trio took the stage.

Don’t worry, grandma. Grandpa Rossi will take care of you,” retiring catcher David Ross added.

“It’s your lucky night,” Rizzo said. “We’re about to pull a triple header.”

While Bryant lay limp on a La-Z-Boy, the five men danced up on her, and in that moment we all wished we were Aidy Bryant. For his part, Cumberbatch demonstrated that even a noted “sexy actor” could look delightfully awkward in the face of a stripper role. The “Doctor Strange” actor may have stumbled with his accent, but that didn’t make us love him any less.

Cumberbatch’s night was filled with major highlights, including one brilliant game show skit where the relevant question was asked: “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch so Hot?”


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