‘SNL’: Watch Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Retweet Randoms Instead of Working (Video)

“SNL” continues hitting too close to home with Baldwin’s appearances as the new President-elect

In keeping with the rest of this season of “Saturday Night Live,” this week’s episode opened with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, this time going in on Trump’s very real propensity to retweet bad Twitter accounts.

With Kate McKinnon as KellyAnne Conway (another delightful “SNL” staple this year) by his side, we see Trump distracted from his presidential duties as he enthusiastically retweets a high schooler named Seth, along with other real Twitter accounts, during an important meeting. You can watch the full sketch above.

The bit began in a classroom, focusing on the high schooler in question:

“Seth, I thought I told you to turn off your phone,” said Seth’s teacher.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Leman, I think someone retweeted me,” replied Seth.

“Seth, you’re just some random kid in high school, who would retweet you?”

President-elect Donald Trump would, both on “SNL” and reality. The skit cycled through a few different situations involving really terrible Twitter users discovering that they’d been retweeted by the President-elect.

“You see my new profile picture?” asked one man sitting at home with his girlfriend. “A skull with two big guns through its head and the word ‘infidel’ above it.”

“That’s psycho,” said the girlfriend. “You’re looking to attract psychos.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Trump to retweet that guy, or a dude whose new bio says that “liberalism is a mental illness.”

The skit covered other major problems on Trump’s way to the White House, including own public dislike of his least favorite picture. “Is that the picture that I hate?” asked Trump, “What is that picture doing in here?”

“It’s just a plate of mashed potatoes,” replied Conway.

Steve Bannon, who was represented as Death itself (black cloak and all), entered the skit last to close it out.