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‘SNL': Watch Jennifer Aniston Steal the Show on Weekend Update and More (Video)

Jennifer Aniston’s ”Saturday Night Live“ surprise was harsh and perfect

Actress Jennifer Aniston swung by the “Saturday Night Live” studio this week to comment on a Rachel impression and spend some time with Kate McKinnon.

Aniston showed up during SNL’s Weekend Update, when Vanessa Bayer’s impression of Rachel from “Friends” went far enough for her to take the reigns.

“You know, ‘Friends’ was like, 5 million and five years ago,” said Aniston. “So I think we’ve just gotta move on.”

“Well, I don’t know. I just — I thought, ’cause I do this great bit as Rachel, so…” Bayer trailed off as Aniston shrugged her shoulders.

“Is it a great bit, though?” asked Aniston. The two launched into their best attempts at Rachel’s “what?” moments that made the character — and the impression — so memorable. You can watch the full Weekend Update segment with Aniston above.

Not long after, Aniston popped up again during a skit that parodied Paleyfest conversations with actors, directors and creators, focusing on women in the field. While Aniston was a wonderful addition to the skit, it was Kate McKinnon who stole the show as fictional actress Debette Goldry, a character that only recently debuted on the show in October.

Just like the first time, when guest host Margot Robbie broke character due to laughter, McKinnon made it hard for her fellow actresses to keep a straight face. Here Aniston played the straight woman against McKinnon, with one of the best moments coming when Aniston tried to talk about how she directed a movie.

Aniston: “Well, I’ve been in the director’s chair –”

Debette: “A woman director, wow! How could that possibly work? Oh, I see, your husband comes to set dressed up like a plant, and whispers the ideas. Got it.”

Aniston: “What? No, I direct the movie.”

Debette: “Okay, Jennifer Panty-ston. Cuckoo! No more arsenic for her, please.”

You can see the Paleyfest sketch here.

“SNL” cast member Vanessa Bayer, by the way, co-stars alongside Aniston in the upcoming “Office Christmas Party,” which hits theaters on Dec. 9.