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‘SNL': Watch Tom Hanks Impersonate ‘Inferno’ Director Ron Howard on ‘America’s Funniest Pets’ (Video)

Tom Hanks lampooned his old friend during the sketch, alongside the dour Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong

Closing out his ninth appearance as the host of “Saturday Night Live,” actor Tom Hanks donned the baseball cap and garb of Hanks’ long-time friend, “Inferno” director Ron Howard.

“Hey, it’s me, Ron Howard,” began Hanks, with the his brand of Richie Cunningham-style enthusiasm. “How cool is that, huh? You’re probably asking yourself: why in the heck am I hosting a pet bloopers show? Very simple. Pet bloopers just make me giggle! Other than that they’re a pain in the ass.” You can watch the full sketch at the top of this post.

As the first cat video aired, Hanks reacted with Howard’s typical all-American way of speaking, along with a couple painful-but-hilarious puns. “Who’s ready to laugh at funny pets? I know I am,” Hanks said over footage of a cat sitting under running sink water in a bathroom. “Oh, I’m feline so relaxed right now. If I fall in the water call a purr-amedic.”

The sketch also featured Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong as their recurring duo of co-host characters, Joelle LaRue (Strong) and Noelle LeSoup (McKinnon). LaRue and LeSoup provided their own commentary, digging into their art house roots and delivering a hilarious, morbid contrast to the enthusiasm of “Ron Howard“.

“This cat here is witnessing a violent murder,” said Strong as LaRue. McKinnon’s LeSoup interjected, beginning a back and forth between the two of them, “The victim screams, please call for help!”

“But he is paralyzed,” said LaRue.

“Hunting forever because the cat watch a man be beat to dead, he do nothing.” added LeSoup.

“In this moment, you learn he is a true coward.” finished LaRue.

As unnerved as Howard might have been at their commentary, the skit served as a great way to close out the night, and commemorate the friendship between Hanks and Howard.