‘SNL’: Watch a Trump-Supporting Tom Hanks Play ‘Black Jeopardy’ (Video)

The “SNL” sketch, featuring Hanks as a blue collar conspiracy theorist, shows that maybe we’re not all so different after all

On this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” host Tom Hanks starred in a skit titled “Black Jeopardy,” in which he popped up as a white, right-wing Trump supporter named Doug sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat on a contestant panel with two black women. Hosted by Kenan Thompson as Darnell Hayes, the ‘SNL’ skit also featured Leslie Jones as “Shanice” and Sasheer Zamata as “Keeley,” exploring exceptionally relevant topics in a way that was both hilarious, and strangely respectful.

The skit started and ended powerful, with perfect exchanges between Hanks and Thompson, including a hesitant handshake between Thompson’s host and “Doug”. The skit almost immediately began trending on Twitter, where fans reacted to the topical nature of it and how it poked fun at the way racial divides are handled. Categories included “Big Girls,” “They Out Here Saying” and “You Better.” You can see the full sketch at the top of the post.

Some of the best exchanges between Doug and Darnell revolved around worldwide conspiracies and the 2016 election. “They out here saying that every vote counts. Oh, Doug again,” Thompson said. “What is: Come on, they already decided who wins even before it happens,” replied Hanks as Doug. Thompson’s Darnell returned with: “The Illuminati figured that out months ago. That’s another one for Doug.”

“SNL’s” version of the game turned into a surprising look at how similar people from all walks of life think about everyday problems.

When it came to the “Lives That Matter” category, Doug said that he has quite a lot to say about it. “Yeah, I’m sure you do,” mused Thompson’s host.

The skit’s end result? An interesting new friendship between Trumpeteer Doug and the show’s initially hesitant host. Despite any suspicion between the other contestants and the host himself, “SNL” imagined a world where common ground could be found in the face of hatred.