‘SNL’ Roasts Herschel Walker Fundraising $500,000 After Abortion Scandal: Money’s the Only Thing He’s ‘Willing to Raise’ (Video)

The “Weekend Update” hosts joked that the Georgia Senate candidate and Mehmet Oz are both “trying to lose” with all these scandals

With a week full of political scandals, the Weekend Update crew had a lot to work with on “Saturday Night Live.” Naturally, Republican Senate candidate from Georgia, Herschel Walker, came up early in the segment, with Colin Jost and Michael Che pouncing on the fact that Walker capitalized on his latest scandal to raise more campaign funds.

Last week, The Daily Beast reported that Walker, who has been vocally anti-abortion, paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, including images from the woman of a “Get Well” card Walker reportedly sent along with his check covering the expenses. Later in the week, it was reported again by The Daily Beast that the woman leveling the accusations did actually have a child with Herschel Walker in 2011 — though he reportedly encouraged her to have an abortion then too. Throughout the saga, Walker has denied the reports as “flat-out” and “defamatory” lies, threatening legal action.

But, he also raised half a million dollars in the fallout.

“Because dollars are the only thing Walker is willing to raise,” Michael Che joked during Weekend Update.

Che also poked fun at Walker’s denial of ever sending the woman funds, with the Georgia Senate candidate saying he sends money “to a lot of people” for various reasons. “Before adding ‘You know, for abortions!’” Che joked.

But Walker wasn’t the only Weekend Update target. Che and Jost also made fun of Republican Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s scandals of the week — which included giving a speech in front of Hitler’s car — joking that he and Walker appear to be “trying to lose” their respective political races.

You can watch the full Weekend Update segment from “SNL” in the video above.