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‘SNL': Watch Weekend Update Take Jab at NBC over Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Involvement (Video)

Weekend Update this week went all in on Donald Trump once again, even criticizing its own network in the process

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update segment went all-in on the shoddy ethics involving Donald Trump’s transition. It specifically targeted Trump’s continued involvement as an executive producer on “Celebrity Apprentice,” which he hosted in the past.

“It was revealed Donald Trump will keep his job as producer on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice” while is he President. It’s an absurd, unethical, and potentially illegal conflict of interest — only on NBC,” Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost said as an image of the NBC logo appeared on screen and the audience applauded eagerly. NBC, of course, is the home of “SNL” as well as “Celebrity Apprentice.” You can see this bit and the rest of that Weekend Update segment at the top of this post.

“Now, people are upset that Trump is doing a TV show and won’t go to intelligence briefings, but, face it, America. Trump won because he is the fun guy,” said Jost. “If we wanted a diligent, competent, experienced president we would have elected nerd lady. If your school elects the rich cool guy president he isn’t going to attend school council meetings. He is going to go on a victory lap, start a food fight with the model U.N. and grab some cheerleaders by the pom-poms. his whole platform was seniors rule, Mexicans drool.”

Earlier in the segment, Michael Che took shots at Trump’s irresponsibility and Mike Pence’s attendance during security meetings in the face of Trump’s absence. “This could also explain why Donald Trump has only been to a couple of the daily intelligence briefings since winning the election,” said Che. “Mike Pence has been to six a week. Pence is like a wife carefully reading the Ikea instructions and Trump is the stubborn dad yelling, “It’s supposed to be wobbly!”
This week’s show didn’t pull punches, addressing Trump’s horrible twitter etiquette and his lack of actual worldly knowledge. This has become the new normal for Weekend Update, which has been targeting Trump almost exclusively since the election — abandoning the “take shots at both sides” tact it had been taking earlier in the season.