‘SNL’ Weekend Update Stops Pulling Punches With Trump Transition (Video)

It was all about the horrifying reality of Trump’s America

saturday night live snl weekend update trump bannon brutal

In what may be a case of “too little, too late,” Michael Che and Colin Jost kicked off “Weekend Update” on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” with a pretty brutal critique of everything Donald Trump has done since his election victory. “It hasn’t been great, but it also hasn’t been good or even fine,” said Che of the week following the election.

Though Weekend Update has a reputation for playing both sides and never quite going all in on Trump during the election cycle, that certainly wasn’t the case this week. Of course, at this point — with a Trump win already in the bag — it may not be super helpful. You can watch the full bit above and judge for yourself.

The hosts zeroed-in on Donald Trump’s cabinet, starting with Steve Bannon and his association with the news site Breitbart. “Breitbart News has been criticized by many for being a sexist, racist, white nationalist news site,” Che said. “Strong words, I don’t know if I would call it a news site. Calling Breitbart a news site is like calling R. Kelly’s sex tape a rom-com.”

Next up was Senator Jeff Sessions, who is up for Attorney General somehow, Jost remarked, “even though Sessions was denied a federal position 30 years ago for making racist remarks.”

“But you know what they say,” Jost continued. “If at first you don’t succeed, wait 30 years until history lurches backwards.”

Jost then suggested that Trump may be making his selections as a weird, circuitous of delivering on one of his broad campaign promises:

“Half of the guys he’s picking have been unemployed,” Jost said as a picture of of Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn came on screen. “Is this what he meant by bringing jobs back?”

Trump met with President Obama last week, and the current seated President suggested that he’d be spending more time than usual on the president-elect’s transition. “It was reported that Donald Trump was surprised by the scope of responsibility as President,” said Che. “Being President is hard! That’s why Obama looks like he spent eight years in a turkey smoker. Obama’s the only guy that gave up cigarettes and somehow looks worse.”

From there, Che started to break down Trump’ psyche a little bit.

“I think he just wanted to win the election because everything said he couldn’t. It’s like dating. Chasing someone hard to get is always more fun than the actual relationship. He just likes the chase. He enjoyed wooing America for 18 months, loved making crazy promises. Even when the media was talking about it. ‘Baby, don’t listen to your dumb fat friends, they’re just jealous.’ But it worked and America said yes! The chase is over and reality starts and it’s not fun anymore. He’s getting texts from Dennis Rodman, ‘Let’s hit up a pageant!’ ‘I can’t, she’s making me put together  a cabinet. I promised her a wall. I have to go to dinner with China. I don’t like this.’”

Jost followed that up by taking a shot at Trump’s reluctance to take up full-time residency in the White House as being part of that fear of commitment: “‘Yeah, babe, I think I’ll keep my place in New York.’ Which would cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. But it’s all worth it to help a millionaire go to sleep in his big boy bed.”