‘SNL’: Will Ferrell’s Gordon Sondland Shows Up to Ruin Things for Alec Baldwin’s Trump (Video)

Ferrell joined the five timers club as host of the latest “Saturday Night Live”

At the top of Saturday’s episode of “SNL,” host Will Ferrell showed up in the cold open as EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who ruined Donald Trump’s post-impeachment hearing press conference by continuously being terrible at lying about quid pro quo.

The Sketch began as a parody of Donald Trump’s wild Wednesday press conference, during which he held a weird note written in black magic marker to remind him of his talking points. But the sketch avoided actually joking about that note. Instead, it focused on Trump’s insistence that the impeachment hearing testimony given by Sondland fully exonerated him.

Naturally, Alec Baldwin returned to play Trump in the sketch, which saw him repeating his claim that there was no quid pro quo in his Ukraine dealings, followed by Baldwin-Trump also denying that he has any idea who Sondland is. At which point Will Ferrell’s Sondland showed up to ruin the whole thing.

As he walked out, Baldwin-Trump said “it’s great to finally meet you for the first time,” and Ferrell’s Sondland agreed they were meeting for the first time as they both laughed.

Shortly after that, Ferrell’s Sondland’s started to admit Trump committed a crime, before hastily saying “keep that quid pro quo on the low-low-low.”

Sondland then got Baldwin-Trump’s back. “I just wanna on the record and say you guys need to lay off my boy. Everybody loves his ass. Ukraine, Russia. They’ll do anything for this man. I know, I asked.”

A nervous Baldwin Trump hastily shushed Sondland before saying that “in conclusion, there was no quid pro quo,” followed by the traditional “live from New York” kick-off of the opening credits.