Snoop Dogg Narrates Fight Between ‘Big Ass Bat’ and Scorpion on ‘Plizzanet Earth II’ (Video)

“Watch out, cuz! Back up!”

Sure, “Planet Earth” is great, but have you seen “Plizzanet Earth”? You haven’t? Oh, you’re in for a treat, as a new installment was released Tuesday night!

Jimmy Kimmel brought Snoop Dogg back for round two of his spoof on the BBC Earth nature docuseries, in which the rapper narrates a fight between a “big ass bat” and a “vicious” scorpion.

“Uh oh! Batman,” Snoop says when introducing the subject of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” bit. “That’s a big ass bat too!” Then the scorpion rolls up and the rapper yells, “Watch out, cuz! Back up! Yeah, cause you big don’t mean nothing cause you may get hit!”

Snoop explains that while the scorpion is not big in size, “he packs a big punch when he get that thing in to you.” “If he can get that clip into him — f–k! Damn!” he shouts, as the creature begins to come at the bat.

The rapper explains what happens next as “tenderizing, baking, shaking” until finally the bat prevails and chomps down on the scorpion. “Eat his a– up!” Snoop cheers, before the bat flies away.

“Bye bye, bitch!”

This is not the first time Snoop has narrated “Plizzanet Earth.” You can see his first installment — Otter vs. Crocs — here.

Watch the clip above.