Apple’s ‘Snoopy Show’ Team on Why Charlie Brown Still Has a Place in Superhero-Filled Kids TV

”Every night before I go to bed, I’m terrified, and every morning when I wake up, I’m terrified, thinking, ‘Don’t break ‘Peanuts.’ Don’t ruin Snoopy,'“ showrunner Mark Evestaff tells TheWrap

While everyone’s favorite beagle is center stage in the new Apple TV+ series “The Snoopy Show” — as well as the streamer’s other “Peanuts”-inspired original, “Snoopy in Space” — the animated series’ creators were still equally focused on Snoopy’s far more grounded, relatable owner, perennial “good man” Charlie Brown.

“Whereas you have a lot of kids aspiring to be superheroes, maybe not everyone wants to be Charlie Brown, but everyone has been Charlie Brown,” Mark Evestaff, showrunner and executive producer on “The Snoopy Show” and “Snoopy in Space,” told TheWrap. “Yes, there’s failure — but there’s also resilience. And I think that’s a stronger thing to fight for. I think kids really recognize this stuff and hopefully they’ll latch onto that.”

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Jennifer Maas

TV Reporter • • Twitter: @jmaasaronson