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Sochi Olympics: Stray Dog, Ring Fail Bring Awkward to the Opening Ceremony (Photos)

To top off all of the bad press surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, the organizers couldn’t even get the Olympic games signature symbol right

The opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics kicked off in Sochi’s Fisht Olympic Stadium on Friday, but not without a fair share of awkward moments, including a major lighting malfunction, a fallen athlete, and at least one stray dog that evaded the pre-games sweep to eradicate them.

Before this year’s competitors strutted through packed stadium in alphabetical order of the country they’re representing, the Olympic rings descended from above — first as snowflakes — before each flake began to unfold into one of the games’ signature symbols. The impressive lighting display hit a snag, however, when one ring failed to complete its metamorphosis — a technical error that made the display a little cockeyed.


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Sochi isn’t just hosting the Olympics, either. The Russian city is home to thousands of stray dogs, and despite authorities reportedly trying to kill them, one made it through security to watch the show.

While waving to the crowd, a member of Austria’s delegation took a tumble, even though it’s not entirely clear what was in his path that tripped him. (According to reports, nothing.)


Another Lady Gaga impersonator leads competitors from the island of misfit athletes who owe allegiance to no one.


Giant cartoon-like animals threatened the audience with questionable cuteness.

Germany is denying that their athletes’ rainbow bright outfits are making a statement about Russia’s anti-gay laws. So they either wanted to look ridiculous for the hell of it, or are part the growing movement to introduce tie-dye to the 21st century.


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