Sofia Vergara Shakes Her Stuff on ‘Sesame Street’ (Video)

"Modern Family" star drops in to lay a little Español on Elmo

First Elmo spends some sexy time with Katy Perry, and now Sofia Vergara shakes it up for him. No wonder the poor guy's eyes are always popped out like that…

"Modern Family" star Vergara dropped in on "Sesame Street" on Tuesday morning to teach Elmo a little Spanish — and perhaps to fill him with unfamiliar but not entirely unpleasant sensations.

In her segment, Vergara teaches Elmo the meaning of the Spanish word "baile" (SPOILER ALERT: It means "dance") by presenting clues via various Muppets, before getting down  herself.

It should be interesting to see who complains first: The Parents Television Council, because the segment dared to televise something that could remotely be construed as sexy, or the Tea Party, because the show taught the nation's children a foreign language.

Place your bets — after watching the video below.