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Soledad O’Brien Slams Brit Hume Over Trump Iraq Trip: ‘Try Not to Be Such an A–hole in 2019’

Fox News political analyst and former CNN anchor go at it after O’Brien suggested Trump was ”shamed“ into the visit

Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien and Fox News political analyst Brit Hume had an online argument Wednesday, and the jousting ended with O’Brien telling Hume to try and “not be such an a–hole in 2019.”

The argument started after actress Alyssa Milano posted a link to an NBC News article about President Trump becoming the first commander in chief in nearly two decades to not visit troops at Christmastime.

Hume responded to Milano’s tweet, noting that the report was inaccurate because Trump and first lady Melania had met with U.S. troops in Iraq during a surprise visit to the region on Wednesday.

“Shaming him [Trump] seems to work,” O’Brien, a correspondent for HBO’s “Real Sports,” told Hume.

“Yes, Ma’am. Trump read this tweet when it was posted and time-traveled himself back to yesterday and flew to Iraq. Genius take,” Hume responded.

“Sorry–let me spell it out more slowly so you can understand me: the President (according to cnn’s Barabar Starr) prepped for this trip several weeks ago,” O’Brien wrote back. “The shaming seems to have worked.”

O’Brien, known for her zingers, ended her tweet with this little gem: “I hope you’re having a nice holiday. Try not to be such an a–hole in 2019.”

Trump returned to the White House early Thursday after making a second visit to troops in Germany.