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The Soloist Meets the Rat Pack

So it was Rat Pack Night! Yes! Finally a theme I can get behind! I was fired up for Michael Buble, the obvious choice for mentor.

Then in walks ... Jamie Foxx. What? Was this another example of the producers’ “let’s make Quentin Tarantino a singing mentor” logic? Perhaps it was a PR stunt to atone for his recent (kinda funny) comments about Miley Cyrus and her gums.

Or maybe he was an appropriate choice after all. Let’s see; Foxx did win an Oscar for “Ray” and Ray Charles did sing lots of standards.  Also, his current hit is all about “a-a-a-a-a-alcohol,” and we know that the Rat Pack enjoyed their libation.


Or maybe it was just that he a new movie out. Yeah, probably that one.

Kris Allen: Was up first with “The Way You Look Tonight,” which was perfectly suited for his voice. (By the way, his actual suit was perfectly suited, too! So hot!)  With such modest charm and smooth vocals, he should sail into the Top 3. By the way, how many weeks does he have to keep progressing and impressing until Kara stops referring to him as the “dark horse in this competition"? I mean, let’s face it. Anyone is a dark horse compared to Adam Lambert, and that has been the case for weeks on end.


But let’s not insult the other contestants week after week by marveling at how talented they are with a surprised look on your face.  Enough.

Allison Iraheta: Just turned 17 -- not a girl, not yet a woman. That made her choice of “Someone to Watch Over Me” all the more appropriate, as she is no doubt legally obligated to have a chaperone at all times. Jamie Foxx thought she was too young to know about “love” and that she should think of her parents while singing.  Clearly, this Jamie Foxx fellow did not see last week’s “Oprah” featuring 14-year-olds itching to have sex! After she gave an amazing and touching performance, the judges commented -- yet again -- on how she is too young to have such a handle on her voice, and then Simon predicted that she’d be in trouble, citing her personality as an issue. I called that one weeks ago, folks!

Matt Giraud: Had been looking forward to a Standards Week for a while.  It was worth the wait, for him and for us. His rendition of “My Funny Valentine” was still infused with some runs, but it was lacking Giraud’s signature falsetto. And, in this case, that was OK.  He definitely looked the part in his fedora and, more importantly, he sounded the part with his straight, pure vocals. Yes, he’s had some Bottom 3 scares, and of course, he was the recipient of the first ever Judges’ Save. But in my dream scenario, Giraud and Glambert would go toe-to-toe and falsetto-to-falsetto in the finals. I’m just not sure the Giraud Squad has enough of a following to get him there.

Danny Gokey: Just needed Foxx to “get all up in his grill“ (a Rat Pack term perhaps?) to bring out his best vocal on “Come Rain or Come Shine.” I was asleep for the first half of his monotone performance but then towards the end he brought with his gravely voice and sexy attitude. Did I say “sexy” when describing Okey Dokey Gokey? Yes, yes, I did. Kara said he finally brought the Rat Pack “swagger” that he’d been lacking in weeks prior and I have to agree. These contestants are making it harder and harder to make any reliable predictions.

Adam Lambert: Sang “Feelin’ Good,” which was popular during the audition rounds. One thing Glambert seems to have going for him -- aside from favoritism from the judges, legions of fans and a way with makeup -- is a handle on how lighting can compliment his performance. It seems the contestants must have input on the lighting design -- either that or the lighting guys are pulling for Glambert, too!  Week after week he has interesting things happening with the lights; last night’s performance featured a long red staircase, with him oozing down it dressed all in white! His distinct style was perfect for this song, and for me -- that’s saying a lot. 

As for who gets eliminated this week, your guess is as good as mine. Even after her amazing performance last night, I’m afraid that little Allison might be in trouble.


Regardless of what happens, all five are immensely talented, and each of them could have successful recording careers, something that I’m not sure can be said for a Top 5 from any other season.