Hungry for More ‘Somebody Feed Phil’? Phil Rosenthal Says Season 4 Will Debut in ‘Fall or the Winter’

Yes, the fourth season has already been filmed

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3

The third season of “Somebody Feed Phil” launched Friday on Netflix and after you binge your way through the five episodes that find Phil Rosenthal exploring the food scenes in Montreal, Seoul, Marrakesh, Chicago and London, we know your mouth will be watering from all that vicarious eating your brain was doing. And we don’t blame you if this leads your tummy to start grumbling as you start thinking about when you’ll get your next helping of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator’s food and travel series.

Well, you shouldn’t be suffering from hunger pangs for too long, as Rosenthal tells TheWrap that — though no official premiere date has been set by Netflix — Season 4 has already been shot will debut in “the fall or the winter.”

“We filmed Season 3 and 4 back to back. We filmed from August through the middle of January,” Rosenthal told TheWrap. “So we got it in just under the wire. So Season 4 will come out in the fall or the winter. I don’t know what’s gonna happen beyond that, not just out in the world, but I don’t know if Netflix will want more episodes. And they’ll wait until way after Season 4 is even on to decide. That’s why it’s been two years between seasons almost. They take so long to decide anything. And the truth is, their business model is having new things all the time.”

The first season of “Somebody Feed Phil” premiered in January 2018, with the second coming in July of that same year. Netflix renewed Rosenthal’s show for 10 more episodes in May 2019, with the first five making up the third season — which launched today — and the second five being held for Season 4.

So while it has been almost two years between the second and third installments of “Somebody Feed Phil,” Rosenthal says you will be getting Season 4 much sooner. Though he does not know what the future holds after that.

“They’re premiering like an average of three new things a day on Netflix,” Rosenthal said. “So rather than have a lot of episodes of existing series, they like just new series, so that when you turn on your Netflix you see the little thumbnail of the poster. And the more new stuff you see, the more you think you’re getting the bang for your buck. And I understand that. So all that to say, I have no idea what’s gonna happen with the show. Of course, I want to do this for the rest of my life, only an idiot wouldn’t like to do it. And if I don’t do it there, I guess maybe I’ll try to do it elsewhere, but I then also have to see how the world is. I honestly believe we will get back to travel because the moment there is a safe vaccine that works, we’re all gonna take it and we’re all gonna go.”

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“Somebody Feed Phil” Season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.