How Songtradr Became the Amazon of Music Licensing – And Doubled Artists’ Earnings Since the Pandemic

”Artists have had probably more time on their hands to focus on these revenues,“ Songtradr founder and CEO Paul Wiltshire says

In 2014, music producer Paul Wiltshire got an idea: There had to be a better way for artists to get their music noticed and licensed for commercials, film, TV, etc. Thus Songtradr was born. The company provides a platform for artists, publishers or any music owner to upload their music for music buyers to license for use.

Now the platform is working on fixes to help artists capture as much revenue from their work as possible. And in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, Wiltshire’s company is seeing a boom in activity of artists, stuck at home due to shutdowns, uploading their work on the site. While live music has suffered immensely during the pandemic — threatening the future of the industry — recorded music like what Wiltshire and Songtradr are helping to promote has been a bright spot.

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Trey Williams

Film Reporter covering the biz • • Twitter: @trey3williams