Something Is VERY Different With Conan’s ‘New & Improved’ Sonic the Hedgehog (Video)

We can’t put our finger on it — or maybe just really, really don’t want to

Sonic the Hedgehog got a makeover this week and he’s been making the the rounds to show it off, starting with an appearance on Tuesday’s “Conan.” And when the speedy blue guy stopped by Conan O’Brien’s TBS late-night show, he showed off more to his new design than we saw in that trailer Tuesday. Way more.

“I do see the human teeth are gone, is there anything else about your new design you might want to address, Sonic?” O’Brien asked a life-sized version of the star of the upcoming “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, who was standing right next to him with, uh, well, a large white penis between his legs.

Right, this “new and improved” Sonic — who clearly has nothing to do with the family-friendly one starring in the film adaptation of the beloved ’90s video game — has male genitalia.

“Oh, you’re right, Conan. I did forget something pretty huge…” he said, adding, “… my fans!”

You know, the fans who freaked out over the original design for Sonic.

“You people could have directed your outrage at any number of injustices around the world,” Sonic continued. “But you chose to spend your time and energy complaining about the design of an animated movie character based on a video game from the ’90s. So remember fans, everything you see here is all because of you. See you at the movies you time-wasting trolls! Later!”

OK, Andy Richter is less afraid of Sonic’s *business* and more afraid of his hands.

Watch the video above.