Peter O’Toole Smiles on the Sony Lot in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Banner (Updated)

Columbia Pictures released the epic in 1962

Peter O’Toole is smiling over the Sony lot.

A giant, vintage-style banner for “Lawrence of Arabia,” which was a Columbia Pictures release in 1962, looks out over the studio’s Culver City facility, a tasteful and subtle nod to the legendary actor who died over the weekend at age 81.

Note the reflection in the window: That’s Culver City’s 94-foot-tall rainbow art installation, a giant homage to MGM’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” that Sony is hosting on its lot since October 2012.

(Photo courtesy of Adrian Askarieh)

Note: An earlier version of this post suggested that Sony put the banner up after O’Toole’s death as a tribute; the studio says it’s been there for some time.