Sony Unveils New Look at Superhero Drama ‘Powers’ (Video)

Action-packed procedural premieres Tuesday on PlayStation Network

Sony Pictures Television unveiled a new look at “Powers” on Monday, the upcoming superhero drama debuting exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

The action-filled trailer follows two police officers, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward). But this isn’t a typical procedural; this one has a twist.

The two homicide detectives are part of the Powers division and are tasked with solving murders committed by the super-powered individuals who populate their world.

Eddie Izzard plays “Big Bad” Wolfe, a menacing antagonist who starts off in shackles at a Federal Powers Containment Facility: “You wanted to be a hero. You refused to believe that there are no heroes,” he tells Christian.

The newly unleashed trailer previews Season 1 of “Powers,” which hits the PlayStation Network on Tuesday. It offers a look at several of the show’s heroes and villains, including at least one who can fly, another who shoots lightning out of his eyes and one female prisoner who can turn into a whirlwind — at least until her powers are siphoned away.

“I call it a drainer — it takes away their powers,” a scientist says.

“Powers can’t just disappear, where the fuck did it go?” Christian responds.

“Powers” is written by Charlie Huston, directed by David Slade and adapted from a comic of the same name. It’s the PlayStation Network’s first original scripted series.

Watch the new trailer here.

“Powers” premieres Tuesday on the Playstation Network.