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Sophie Turner Insists Her ‘Game of Thrones’ Tattoo Totally Isn’t a ‘Spoiler’ (Video)

Oh, OK

The Stark family may actually make it to the end of “Game of Thrones.” However, Sophie Turner says she is not prematurely confirming the residents of Winterfell’s survival just because she got a tattoo that strongly implies her on-screen family survives.

Turner’s ink reads, “the pack survives,” alongside the House Stark direwolf sigil. When the image of her tattoo was posted to Instagram by the artist last week, fans began to theorize that Jon (well, kinda a Stark), Sansa, Arya, and Bran might come out the victors when the HBO fantasy series airs its eighth and final season next year.

“It’s just a quote from last season,” Turner told host James Corden on “The Late Show” Thursday night. “Everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

Corden seems to buy that — or pretended too — but urged the actress who plays Sansa to tell him something about how it all ends. “I’ll just get it tattooed on my forehead next time,” she joked.

Turner admitted she received warnings from those close to her who thought fans would read too much into the tattoo — which, of course, they did. Based on the tattoo, it actually might make even more sense that they all die, and Turner wanted to get a heartbreaking-tribute in their honor.

Oh, Little Dove, will you ever learn?

Watch the Turner’s interview above and see her tattoo close up in the picture below.

The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” will premiere in 2019 on HBO.