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Sorry, But Lisa Kudrow Says the Fake ‘Friends’ Movie Trailer Is ‘Just Sad’ (Video)

Don’t expect a ”Friends“ reboot any time soon

In the age of reboots, we all wonder if our favorite shows might come back — but don’t hold your breath for a reimagining of “Friends.”

Lisa Kudrow, who played the eccentric Phoebe on the beloved hit comedy sitcom, told Conan O’Brian on Thursday that a remake would probably be “sad.”

“They’re rebooting everything! How does that work with ‘Friends,’ though?” Kudrow said. “The show was about people in their twenties, thirties. The show isn’t about people in their forties, fifties. And if we have the same problems, that’s just… sad.”

O’Brian asked Kudrow what she thought about the fake trailer for a “Friends” movie that has been circulating, with millions of views.

Kudrow said that “Friends” co-star Courtney Cox-Arquette, who played Monica, was the one who initially showed her the fake trailer.

“I don’t know what to make of it, it’s just like sort of these weird clips from things that clearly have nothing to do with ‘Friends,'” Kudrow said, not quite getting the appeal of a stitched-together fake trailer.

“Something should be done,” she said of fans’ unending love for the show. “I don’t know what, though.”

Whatever it is, it won’t be a reboot. “Nope! Never happening,” said co-creator Marta Kauffman last year. “I know, [rumors] happen all the time! Not happening. Not ever,”

Watch the full clip above.