‘South Park’ Skewers Steve Jobs with HumancentiPad [Video]

Apple is the butt of a “Human Centipede” parody in the 15th season premiere of “South Park” on Wednesday

Apple's legal team might not be chuckling during the 15th-season premiere of "South Park" this Wednesday at 10 p.m., but no doubt the show's loyal fans will be.

The episode concerns the latest Apple product to hit the market — and it's a doozy.

"I'm here to introduce a new product that will once again revolutionize how we use our phones and devices," says the "South Park" version of Steve Jobs. "I give you the HumancentiPad!"

The clip below sets up the ridiculous premise and then turns into an homage to the ads for "Human Centipede," the 2010 B-movie about a scientist working on a particularly nasty experiment.