‘South Park’ Fans Torn Over That ‘Return of COVID’ Ending: ‘Do I Actually Feel Bad for Eric Cartman?’

“l admit Eric Cartman can be a SOB but, they did him dirty,” one fan tweeted

South Park
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the second part of the “South Park” post-COVID special

“South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID” is now streaming on Paramount+, but fair warning, Eric Cartman’s ending will have you feeling some kind of way. What exactly that way is though, is a coin flip as fans were pretty divided on Thursday morning.

In part one of the special, we learn that Kenny — who is dead once again, for real this time — created a flash drive with important information on it. Among that information is a video revealing that Kenny was trying to travel back in time to stop the pandemic from ever happening.

Kenny also blames everything that’s happened since COVID struck on Stan, Kyle and Cartman, saying they “ruined everything when they let COVID break up their friendship.” So, in “Return of COVID,” the three work together to try and accomplish Kenny’s time travel mission, and save his life.

But, as it turns out, Cartman had to sacrifice everything in the end to get a happy ending for everyone else. And despite his, let’s say, annoying past (read: Cartman was awful to people), fans are still feeling like he deserved better.

“I will admit Eric Cartman can be a SOB but, they did him dirty,” one fan tweeted. “A least give him a family or something good in his life.”

And yes, they were as surprised as anyone to feel pity for the character. “Do I actually feel bad for Eric Cartman?” one fan marveled.

That said, some fans weren’t too disappointed, considering the character’s history. Longtime watchers of the show in particular took some measure of joy in Cartman’s fate, citing the fact that he had “become more and more of a dislikable character over the past 20+ years.”

“Poor Cartman. (he technically deserves it though. XD),” another fan wrote.

You can check out more conflicted reactions below.