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‘South Park’ Mocks Harvey Weinstein Following Public Reemergence

Disgraced movie mogul was heckled last week at a New York comedy club

“South Park” took a shot at Harvey Weinstein in its latest episode, a week after the disgraced movie mogul was mocked by a comedian at a New York comedy club, where he made an appearance.

In Wednesday’s episode, “Tegridy Farms Halloween Special,” Randy Marsh starts hallucinating after he smokes tainted weed that was laced with chemicals by his daughter, Shelly, who tried to destroy his marijuana crops. The altered pot makes him see scary images, including a zombie Winnie the Pooh (a reference to an earlier episode that was critical of China). He then calls the police to tell them he is being raped by Weinstein.

At the end of the episode, Randy wakes up a few days later and realizes that none of it was real until he finds a used condom in the trash.

Last week, a confrontation between Weinstein and Zoe Stuckless, an actor-playwright, who objected to his presence at an event for actors ended with Stuckless — not Weinstein — being ejected.

Stuckless and several women attending the event called out Weinstein for appearing at the speakeasy-style event hosted by Actor’s Hour at the Downtime Bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Stuckless questioned why Weinstein — the disgraced movie mogul who will soon face trial on five criminal counts, including rape and predatory sexual assault — was welcomed.

“Nobody’s going to say anything? Nobody’s really going to say anything?” Stuckless said, according to video taken at the event. “I’m going to stand four feet from a f–ing rapist and nobody’s going to say anything?” Another woman who performed at the event, comedian Kelly Bachman, told TheWrap she was booed for calling out Weinstein during her comedy set.

In her set, video of which was posted on Twitter, Bachman referred to Weinstein as “the elephant in the room” and “Freddy Krueger.” She was met with a few boos and someone in the audience can be heard telling her to “shut up.”

Amber Rollo, another comedian who attended the event, said a friend of Weinstein’s called her a c– when she objected to his presence.

Actor Michael Torello, who was present last week, and at an Actor’s Hour event a few weeks ago, said he saw Weinstein at both events. He said a comedian also called out Weinstein at the earlier event.