‘South Park’ Rapes Donald Trump: Watch the Scene Everyone Is Talking About (Video)

Mr. Garrison sexually assaults and murders the GOP candidate on Wednesday’s episode

Everyone is talking about Donald Trump’s cameo on Wednesday’s very politically-infused episode of “South Park,” in which the GOP candidate was raped and murdered by Mr. Garrison.

The episode, titled “Where My Country Gone,” primarily focuses on Mr. Garrison’s anger at Canadian immigrants — a direct jab at Trump’s immigration remarks on Mexicans.

“We should have put up a God damn wall,” he said at the beginning of the episode, and his extreme views eventually get him fired from his job at South Park elementary school.

Turns out, Canada has already built a wall to keep Americans out: “We just don’t want you raping our women and stuff,” a border patrol officer says, another direct reference to Trump. But in the episode, Trump has been elected the president of Canada — not the United States.

“There were several candidates during the Canadian elections,” a Canadian immigrant said. “One of them was this brash a-hole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t really offer any solutions. He just said outrageous things!”

At the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison enters Canada illegally and confronts Trump.

Apart from a brief cameo in Season 5 of the show, Trump hadn’t made an appearance until Wednesday’s episode of the Comedy Central series, which is now in its 19th season.

Watch the scene above, and then click here to watch the entire episode.

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