‘South Park’ Season 23 Premiere: ICE Raids the Broflovski Home and Cartman Finds It Hilarious (Video)

Plus – Randy Marsh’s Tegridy Farms is at the center of a new reality series

“South Park” is not easing into social commentary for its 23rd season. In a clip from Wednesday’s premiere, the Broflovski household gets raided by I.C.E. – and of course, Eric Cartman is having a good laugh about it.

Watch the clip above.

Here is the logline for the episode, titled “Mexican Joker,” courtesy of Comedy Central:

In the pilot episode of the new hit series, TEGRIDY FARMS, Randy battles home-grown weed and comes to terms with the fact that he might be a towel. Meanwhile, Kyle goes to camp.

Earlier this month, Comedy Central agreed to a new deal with Matt Stone and Trey Parker to keep the longrunning cartoon for an additional three seasons. That will take “South Park” through Season 26 and 327 episodes.

“South Park” is the longest-running primetime scripted series on cable and will surpass its 300th episode this season — though that still leaves it some 300 episodes shy (and counting) of that other long-running animated series in “The Simpsons.” Among young adults, “South Park” has been the highest-rated cable comedy in primetime for the last six years.

Last season, “South Park” touched on everything from Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings, Amazon’s encroaching global dominance to even, yes, making fun of “The Simpsons” over the back-and-forth surrounding the character of Apu. Al Gore even came back in an episode that touched on global warming (offering an apology of sorts to the former vice president).

“South Park” returns for Season 23 Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.