‘Southern Charm’ Cast Members Evacuate Charleston Area as Hurricane Florence Approaches

Carolina Coast braces for what could be the worst hurricane in decades


Several members of the cast of Bravo’s reality hit “Southern Charm” are getting the hell out of dodge as Hurricane Florence barrels towards the Carolina cost.

“While I’ve Evac’ed home to Charlotte, I’ve rummaged the house for an old book to read, and stumbled upon a little light reading. Old family friends gave me this book in ’96 to read to baby @kt_kroll!” cast member Austen Kroll wrote on Instagram, referring to his sister Katie. “Can she claim to be a 90’s kid? #auntflo #juniorkroll #96 #”90skid.”

Fellow cast mates Kathryn Dennis and Shep Rose announced they too are joining the millions of Americans who have evacuated their homes.

Dennis said on Instagram she was off to Nashville, Tennessee. Rose tweeted he was flying out to Chicago following a quick surf. “I’m paddling out right now,” he tweeted. “Chest high clean sets rolling through.”

Patricia Altschul said she was staying in Charleston, posting a video of emergency supplies along with the caption: “#hurricane #preparedness #costco plus dog food, gin and guns…Bring it on #florence #southerncharm.”

“House on lockdown…. Shutters wired over plywood, generator inspected, pool water lowered, cars in parking garage, all supplies bought, pets accounted for…. bring it on #hurricaneflorence #southerncharm.” she added.

It remains unclear whether cast member Cameran Eubanks plans to leave or stay.

The reality stars live in the area in Charleston where the where the Bravo show is shot.

Charleston is about to get pummeled, along with the rest of the Carolinas by the hurricane, so big it’s been dubbed the “Storm of a Lifetime.”

Latest forecasts predict the storm will likely blast the Carolinas Thursday or Friday, stalling over the Carolinas coast and then moving across South Carolina. Considered a Category 3 storm Wednesday night, the storm was churning at 125 mph as it approached the coast about 400 miles off Myrtle Beach.

Greenville News, a Gannett newspaper, reported Wednesday that while tourists have fled, some still remain.

Bravo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Bravo did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.


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#hurricane #preparedness #costco plus dog food, gin and guns…Bring it on #florence #southerncharm

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