‘Southland’ Star Regina King Talks About Grinding Hard (Exclusive Video)

The actress talks about the grueling filming schedule of TNT's gritty cop drama

Being a cop on a case is no picnic. But playing a cop on a case ban be pretty grueling too.

In an exclusive clip from the DVD release of "Southland" Season 5, Regina King — who played Det. Lydia Adams on the TNT cop drama — talks about the particularly hectic shooting schedule that the show's cast and crew endured.

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"Today is one of our days when we're grinding pretty hard because we're in three different locations," King says during the shooting of the "Heat" episode, as the LAPD comes across the thoroughly dead body of victim Rick Dawson. "The entire crew and everyone that needs to be there has to travel to three different locations in one day. That's not happening in one day on most episodics."

"Southland: The Complete Fifth and Final Season" is available on DVD Tuesday.