Those Space Force Uniforms Orbiting Social Media Are Bogus, US Military Says

Sorry, Trekkies

Those Space Force Uniforms Orbiting Social Media Are Bogus, US Military Says
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A mock-up drawing of Space Force uniforms that began orbiting social media on Tuesday has been debunked.

A U.S. military spokesperson informed that the uniform designs did not come from the actual U.S. Space Force, a new branch of the military founded during the Trump administration in 2019.

“The uniform graphic being shared on social media is not an official U.S. Space Force uniform design concept,” Maj. Nick Mercurio said Tuesday. “The Space Force service dress uniform is still in development.”

The news comes as something of a relief for the countless Twitter users who criticized the fake uniforms, likening them to a bad imitation of Star Trek uniforms mixed with cross-walk guards.

“They stole the emblem logo from Star Trek. Then they stole the name from Guardians of the Galaxy. They then stole the uniform from Starship Troopers,” wrote one user. “No original thought and no clear reason for the existence of this 5th branch of the military! It’s a FARCE!”

Others commented that the pretend uniforms are more reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

“Welp. No, crossing guards is not who they remind me of…” one user wrote.

“Can’t say I did nazi that coming,” wrote another.

But to those saying the uniforms resemble Hugo Boss designs, another user made a correction about the history between the fashion designer and the Nazi party.

“Hugo Boss did not design Nazi uniforms, he did manufacture them, was a war profiteering Nazi scumbag who used forced labour, but he did not design the uniforms,” the Fake History Hunter account tweeted.

Others criticized the existence of the Space Force altogether.

“People are starving and dying, but not to worry-we have Starship Trooper uniforms we’ll never use!” one user wrote.

At least when the Space Force releases their real uniform designs, the bar will have been set very low.

For more information on the Space Force, click here. See more tweets below.

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