Spec Script Market Scorecard – Stats through Feb. 18, 2011

Analysis: The Scoggins Report is a bi-weekly update of Hollywood’s feature film script market

The Scoggins Report is an analysis of the feature film development business based on information assembled from a variety of public and non-public sources.  The numbers in the reports are comprehensive but are by no means official statistics. We'll be uploading the past few editions of the Report into their beautiful new home here on TheWrap.com as well.  A PDF of the full Scoggins Report contains all the data by company – studios, production companies, agencies and managers.


As hoped, the bouyant buying spirits coming out of Sundance last month seem to have taken hold in the nascent 2011 spec market as well. Here are my favorite signs of life from the past couple of weeks:

Columbia bought its first spec in nearly a year – “Inherit the Earth,” the Zombies vs Robots comic book adaptation, for Platinum Dunes to produce.

Warner Bros. continued the spending spree it started in September 2010 by buying the hot Dracula-related package, “Harker,” which had a constellation’s worth of star creative attachments.

Two new buyers – Dark Horse and RCR – appear on the below grids who hadn’t picked up a spec in either of the past two years.

Specs sold in 5 different genres (see the below grid). Only three genres (action, comedy and thriller) were represented in each of February 2009 and 2010.

Even though the below numbers are on par with 2010’s, the producers and development execs I’ve talked to over the past couple of weeks all say they have the sense that buyers are looking for original material again. My gut says they’re right.

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