Russian Petition Against Spider-Man VO Closed 299 Signatures Shy of Goal

Nearly 5,000 supporters didn’t dig the dubbing of Tom Holland’s dialogue

Last Updated: June 14, 2016 @ 3:18 PM

On second thought, Russians are cool with that Spider-Man voice, after all.

A petition demanding a new voiceover actor for dubbing future Spider-Man films into Russian has been canceled by the creator, just 299 signatures shy of its 5,000-signee goal.

Per Google Translate: “Thanks to everyone who supported her! Together we were able to raise such a fuss, that as much in the West are talking about us. But after a long period of reflection, to communicate with users and by the actor, we have decided to close it.”

Originally, the petition was aimed at Nevafilm and Disney, and came about after the release of “Captain America: Civil War.”

All the letter stated was: “Replace the actor dubbing of Spider-Man in the future Marvel Studios films.”

Below are some additional points from the petition creator — again, translated as best as Google can.

The long-awaited day, which we Spidey fans, eagerly awaited, because it is a new version in the cinema! And … what is this a real slap in the face in the form of dubbing it ?! Perhaps there is no censorship in the Russian language words in order to describe the outrage of such a “voice.”

We demand from “Nevafilm,” which was engaged in dubbing the film, actor Vladimir Kanuhina replace the other, because they heard a voice in the new creations of Marvel we did not want!

We have no complaints about the actor dubbing, because it made directed to the voice acting, it was an incredible mistake. Again: to “return home” we want the actor has been replaced!