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Watch Spider-Man Grab Coffee and Terrify Starbucks Customers (Video)

He does it upside down, of course

Even superheroes need a caffeine boost.

Sony Pictures Entertainment released a video Wednesday of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man dropping in at a New York Starbucks to grab his favorite coffee beverage. “Dropping in” isn’t a figure of speech, however. He literally descends, upside-down, from a gap in the ceiling.

What’s Spidey’s drink of choice, you may ask? Grande cold brew.

Once his order is ready, Peter Parker drops down from the ceiling to retrieve it–and scares customers in the process. Bystander reactions range from confusion to amusement to sheer terror. In the end, everyone has a good laugh.

That’s Spider-Man, scaring Starbucks customers as only Spider-Man can!

Watch the video above. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” opens July 7.