Sporting News Scrapping Print, Going Digital

The 126-year-old magazine will go online-only, except for six sport-specific yearbook previews

Sporting News, a 126-year-old news magazine, will scrap its print edition and go online-only starting Jan. 1.

Sporting NewsThe online version will be daily; gone will be the weekly, biweekly and monthly editions, the company said on Tuesday.

The only print editions remaining will be the six sport-specific yearbook previews for baseball, NFL, college football, college basketball, fantasy football and fantasy baseball.

"Having spoken with many of our longtime subscribers, we recognize this is not a popular decision among our most loyal fans," publisher Jeff Price and editor-in-chief Garry D. Howard wrote in a post on the magazine's site. "Unfortunately, neither our subscriber base nor the current advertising market would allow us to operate a profitable print business going forward."

"The majority of this content [posted online] is presented free and in the same manner and voice that you've come to expect from Sporting News," they wrote.

The magazine is offering subscribers a choice of a full refund for the balance on existing print subscriptions, or copies of the $7.99-per-issue yearbook previews as compensation.

The move comes on a year when a number of magazines have folded their print editions. Newsweek, perhaps the most high-profile digital-only shift, said it will cease its octogenarian print edition in January.

SmartMoney magazine, the News Corp.-owned financial glossy, also announced an end to its print edition.