Spotify Just Launched Its Clubhouse Rival Greenroom

The music streaming giant has revamped live audio app Locker Room only a few months acquiring it

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Photo: Spotify

Spotify on Wednesday launched Greenroom, its new live audio app with similar features to Clubhouse, on both iOS and Android.

Greenroom’s debut comes after Spotify acquired sports-focused live audio app Locker Room in March. Locker Room’s existing code is the foundation for Greenroom, according to TechCrunch, and starting Wednesday, Locker Room users will see their apps updated to reflect the rebrand to Greenroom. That includes a move from Locker Room’s white-and-orange-ish color scheme to Spotify’s green-and-black color scheme.

The app’s design is similar to Clubhouse, with speakers seeing their round profile icons at the top of rooms, while listeners are show below. Users can also request being called to the “stage” and speaking in their rooms, which can host up to 1,000 people right now; Spotify plans on expanding room limits down the line. Greenroom will also move beyond its sports rooms and allow users to find rooms on a number of topics, including music, culture and entertainment.

“We believe Spotify has an opportunity not only to enable live broadcasts, but to aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate growth of the live category overall,” Spotify said in a blog post announcing the launch. “Today’s app unveiling is our opportunity to begin laying the foundation for the exciting roster of content and capabilities Spotify has in store in our venture into live audio.”

Here’s a look at Greenroom, via Spotify:

Greenroom will be monitored by Spotify’s current moderation team. Spotify also announced it will be opening a new “creator fund,” which the company said will “help live audio creators monetize their network,” later this summer.

Spotify’s push into live audio comes as several other tech companies are moving into Clubhouse’s territory. Twitter launched its Clubhouse clone, Spaces, earlier this year, and Facebook is also on the verge of releasing its own live audio feature to the masses.


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