Stacey Dash Agrees With Trump’s ‘on Both Sides’ Charlottesville Comment: ‘Absolutely Right’ (Video)

“There were two extreme sides,” “Clueless” star tells MSNBC’s Ari Melber

Stacey Dash, picked a rather interesting way to kick off her recently-announced congressional campaign: defending Donald Trump’s now infamous response to the Charlottesville riots.

The “Clueless” star was chatting with MSNBC‘s Ari Melber Thursday to promote her fledgling new career when she was asked about Donald Trump’s “on both sides” comment following a violent protest by group of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer.

“I think he’s absolutely right,” Dash told Melber. “There were two extreme sides. And here’s what it boils down to, our right. They had a right to assemble. Both sides had a right. But they were both extremes. And here’s where I said in the beginning, we have to listen to each other, if we do not listen, there will be no solutions. It’s just a bunch of banter and noise.”

Melber then asked: “So if the White Supremacists were the hate on one side, what was the hate that would be equivalent to that on the other side?

“There should be no hate at all,” Dash shot back. “Hate is not the answer for anything.”

Melber then asked if she would “co-sign” Trump assertion that there were good people on both sides.

“I’m not here to judge, the only one who can judge is God,” Dash said. “Do I know every person in the Neo-Nazi party, if they have a good heart or not? No, I do not. Do I know every member of a gang whether they have a good heart or not? No, I don’t. Do I know every man in prison, if he has a good heart or not? No.”

Dash filed in late February to run for U.S. Congress in California’s 44th district, currently represented by Democrat Nanette Barragán. The southern California district spans a portion of Los Angeles County from South Gate down through Compton and north Long Beach.

Watch the full exchange above.